End User Licence Agreement

We have purposefully kept this agreement simple and easy to understand. Email us if you have any questions about what you can and can’t do with our fonts.

The basic principle is simple, be good and don’t be bad.

Please note, any fonts purchased directly from Colophon Foundry are governed by their licences.
This agreement is between you and Hamish Makgill T/A Weekend Type. By downloading and installing our font software, you automatically agree and accept the terms of this agreement.

  • You are licenced to use the fonts for your project.

  • The licence is based on project size (small, medium and large). Use your judgement as to what you think is most fitting.

  • You do not own the copyright to the font, only the right to use it.

  • The licence grants you usage for print, web, film and apps. We also grant the use of our fonts for logos.

  • Do not copy, share or distribute the font. That would be bad.

  • Do not modify the font. Get in touch if you want a custom version of the font.

  • Do not use our fonts to promote any activity that causes harm to our planet. That would be really bad.

  • Do not use our fonts to promote hate. That would be really bad too.

  • If you have any technical issues with our fonts, get in touch. We will do what we can to help fix the problem.

  • Weekend Type is not responsible for any legal issues that may occur with your usage of the fonts.

  • Breaking of the terms and conditions of this agreement would be bad and would become really boring for both parties.

  • Our fonts are our property. Simple.

All rights reserved Weekend Type.